"I love Hosea clothing!! Not only are their designs and clothes of the best quality and style, their heart and passion for Jesus is woven into everything they do. They not only encourage other Christians to be bold in their faith, but put faith into action by supporting the homeless and hosting worship nights too!"

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    Our Premium God of ___ Hoodie in Charcoal Black. 


    God of ___ is screen printed on the front of the hoodie, whilst on the back of the hoodie we have chosen 7 words to describe our amazing God. Our Hosea Logo is embroidered on the left sleeve of our hoodie. 




    Our Premium Christian Hoodies are slightly oversized to give a more comfortable, street-style look. 


    Built for longevity with that vintage vibe in mind.


    We recommend purchasing one size below your normal size. 


    Ethically Created with 100% Organic Cotton where all workers are paid a fair living wage. Check out our ethics page here.


    Inspiration behind the design


    In the typical style of our Christian clothing line, we've managed to combine a minimal look with a bold and empowering statement. As we serve a God of endless description, it would be impossible for us to fully convey His greatness. However, we've given it a try with the seven words on the back of the hoodie. 


    Similar to our Religion | Relationship design, we want onlookers to question the user to what and who their God is, thus further helping to spread the Gospel. 

    Premium God of ___ Hoodie

    • Composition

      100% Organic Cotton

      Care Instructions

      Wash at 30 degrees. 

      Dry naturally.

      Wash infrequently for the best results.