Our Premium God of ___ Hoodie in Charcoal Black. 


God of ___ is screen printed on the front of the hoodie, whilst on the back of the hoodie we have chosen 7 words to describe our amazing God. Our Hosea Logo is embroidered on the left sleeve of our hoodie. 




Our Premium Christian Hoodies are slightly oversized to give a more comfortable, street-style look. 


Built for longevity with that vintage vibe in mind.


We recommend purchasing one size below your normal size. 


Ethically Created with 100% Organic Cotton where all workers are paid a fair living wage. Check out our ethics page here.


Inspiration behind the design


In the typical style of our Christian clothing line, we've managed to combine a minimal look with a bold and empowering statement. As we serve a God of endless description, it would be impossible for us to fully convey His greatness. However, we've given it a try with the seven words on the back of the hoodie. 


Similar to our Religion | Relationship design, we want onlookers to question the user to what and who their God is, thus further helping to spread the Gospel. 

Premium God of ___ Hoodie

  • Composition

    100% Organic Cotton

    Care Instructions

    Wash at 30 degrees. 

    Dry naturally.

    Wash infrequently for the best results.