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Ethics: FAQ 

Are the employees of your supplier paid a fair wage?


Yes! Workers across all departments are paid a fair wage with employees in the development department paid more than the market standard.


Are the employees of your supplier working in good conditions?


Yes! Working conditions are excellent with employees treated as valuable members of our supplier’s company. 

Are your clothes responsibly and ethically produced?


Yes. Our clothes are created using organic cotton which is ethically sourced. The creation of the clothes follows the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization.


Where are your clothes made?


Currently, all of our products are made in Pakistan


Do Christians make your clothes?


No, not neccessarily. We pride ourselves on being a very biblically centred brand. However, this does not mean that we limit our brand to Christians only. As well as many other facets of the business, we use our brand to share the Gospel with our supply chain to connect with others about Christ. For example, not all of our models are Christians but they’ve heard us talk to them endlessly about Christ!

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