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Nimroh's Testimony

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Meet Nimroh! A student, proud Pacific Islander and follower of Jesus for 9 years!

Nimroh, like most young people, has encountered numerous struggles on his path to adulthood. He recognised that before accepting Christ as his personal saviour, his mouth would confess one truth, yet his actions preached another.

Classic James 1:22!

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

- James 1:22, ESV.

With the help of his mentors from his previous Christian School and his parents who sparked his initial fascination for faith, he has grown into a young man living for the Lord, despite his belief that he has failed God on many occasions. (Well, thank God for grace, Nimroh!)

The late Mr Ravi Zacharias was also a real support and encouragement for Nimroh in his faith journey, especially with the answers Mr Zacharias provided in response to Christianity’s moral concerns and arguments.

Like many of us believers (and some unbelievers!), the contradictions provided by science against Christianity often left Nimroh very confused and somewhat doubtful of his faith. However, now he believes that science holds its own contradictions and he finds it impossible to believe that “life exists today because some random explosion happened.”

Nimroh first came across this small UK Christian clothing brand when his friend IJ turned up to a prayer meeting wearing Hosea’s ‘Seek Ye First’ hoodie. He loved the sleek look his friend was pulling off and noticed the text and memory verse printed on the hoodie. He thought it was “perfect” and it allowed him to openly declare his position as a follower of Christ, whilst also suiting his fashion taste.

Here’s Nimroh’s advice for new Christians or those questioning their faith:

“Don’t sit there doing nothing until your doubt progresses into disbelief.”

He recommends watching apologists like Mr Ravi Zacharias or Dr Nabeel Qureshi who are both great examples of men who sought to find the truth and did so with such discipline and tenacity.

For new Christians who may be finding it difficult being followers of Christ, Nimroh would like to remind you that “Christianity was built on the blood of the Apostles who risked their lives sharing the Gospel, so don’t expect it to be easy.”

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