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A UK Christian Clothing brand for everyone?!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I often get asked several questions relating to this topic but the main one that always comes up is:

And I always say yes.

Of course, one of our main goals will always be to create clothes that empower the faith of Christians.

But we also believe our products represent the light of Christ.

If those without faith like our products.

We believe there's a reason behind that attraction...

As mentioned in my last blog, when I was a kid I really didn't enjoy going to church.

After a long week of school, I believed that I was entitled to play football and video games on a Sunday.

I found the services long and not at all relatable to my life.

However, I much preferred them to the dreaded Sunday school (that I now teach in btw!)

On the rare occasion that I went to church, I would cling onto my mothers hand, hoping that she would repay my obedience in coming to church by not sending me to Sunday school!

However, one of the rare takeaways that I got from the preachings was my pastor's jokes.

Pastor Doc knew that me and my brother did not enjoy the service.

So every time that we were there.

He would start the preaching by telling a joke.

And then ask us if we found it funny.

I didn't realise it until I started going back to church, but this small act of attention had laid down the foundations for my journey back to Christ.

After having a stud planted in my knee in a football game, I had to have several stitches put into my knee.

Normally, I would've had to go to the hospital every day to get the stitches removed and replaced.

A long and inconvenient journey for an 12 year old after a long day of school.

But guess who travelled round every day to remove and replace the stitches?

Pastor Doc. (Yeah, he was an actual surgeon at the time.)

I guess what this story illustrates is the power of God moving through believers.

But it strongly relates to our message as a Christian clothing brand.

In the same way Pastor Doc made me interested in his preaching through his jokes, our fashion could spike an interest in a non-believer.

In the same way Pastor Doc's kindness made me open about coming back to church in the future, our fashion could open the mind of a person without faith.

For me, my pastor had been my representation of Christ.

For others, I believe that Hosea products can do the same for those without faith.

As well as accentuate the light of the believer behind the clothing!

Of course, I'd love it if you chose Hosea to help win others.

But the real moral of the story is that your representation of the light can go a long way to change someone's life.

Whether it has an immediate impact.

Or a long term one (like my own story).

In any case, the outcome will significantly affect the other person's life.

Me and my brother testifying at my church's 9th anniversary in 2016.

Before I finish the blog, I wanted to make a small reference to branding and how this helps to show that Hosea is truly for everyone.

The world is full of brands.

From the shoes we wear to the cars we drive....

Everything is a brand.

I would go as far as to say that all of us are a walking brand.

The next time you go out take a mental note of all of the different clothes that you are wearing.

Take a note of the food that you decide to buy.

Perhaps some of these decisions are made subconsciously.

Nonetheless, you are still supporting the brands by choosing to represent them.

In the same way, you support their ideals and what they represent as a brand.

For example, if you drink Innocent Smoothies you are supporting the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

The reason that many of you have bought from Hosea is because you support the message that we represent.

You represent our brand because you believe in the message.

Our clothing is not just a piece of apparel, but a statement of faith.

A brand that not only allows Christians to feel comfortable in their faith, but also allows them to open up about their faith to others.

A tool to speak to the lost and an anchor for the start of someone's journey with Christ.

I'd like to think that our clothes are priceless to our customer.

We want our statement clothing to be timeless. Because the message will never change.

We believe our products represent a fashion trend that won't go out of style because of the meaning behind the clothing.

Be proud in the brands that you represent as they go a small way to show off what you believe in.

I learnt something from just observing some of my friends at church.

All of them have branded shoes that are kept in top class condition.

Whilst looking down at my own, I noticed several scuffs on the front of my Adidas Stan Smiths.

I thought my friends were buying new trainers every week.

But they just treated the brands that they represented with the utmost respect.

In fact, my friend Leon informed me he keeps his religion/relationship hoodie in perfect condition by not washing it frequently!

It got me thinking that hopefully our Hosea products have the same value to the customers that trainers have to my friends!

If that is the case then we are going some way in achieving our mission.

Thank you for reading this short blog.

We're all gearing up for a summer of pushing Hosea's message to another level.

So please continue your overwhelming support.

It means everything to us!

Chris Stroud

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