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The Inspiration Behind The Design Series - Religion|Relationship

The inspiration behind the design series aims to inform our customers/followers about how we came up with the idea for our designs. Ultimately, all of our designs come from God's vision given to us in some way. In any case, each blog in this series will focus on one design from its birth to its first sale.

Where better to start off this series with a Season 2 favourite...

Often when people ask me about my clothing brand their follow up question normally reads along the lines of...

"So you're really religious then?"

I always laugh.

Then I try and explain my faith and church to them.

In the hope that they might see that it is less about religion but more about a relationship with God.

However, it seems like this explanation always falls on deaf ears...

In the modern era, I believe that it is the hardest time for Christians to bring their family and friends to church.

In the world today the word "religion" possesses an instant negative vibe to it.

The horrific practices of organisations such as Isis and the Ku Klux Klan have stigmatised the word and the idea of religion.

They have not only polluted the minds of the individuals involved but have also heavily affected the opinions of onlookers about religion (those without faith).

I've experienced many people closing their hearts to the idea of coming to church because of the actions of these "so called" religious organisations.

And to be honest.

I can't blame these onlookers for feeling such a way.

After all, if your only exposure to religion is seeing a racist Christian organisation on YouTube (Ku Klux Klan) or seeing the attacks of Isis on the news,

Why would you ever consider entering a church?

"I don't want to be brain washed."

"I don't want to blindly follow."

These are the sort of questions Christians now have to answer when inviting their mates to church.

But how do you deal with it?

Well... I feel that the concept of our Religion|Relationship design deals with it well.

Our design stands to tell onlookers that we believe that the word Religion possesses more influence than its actual value in today's world.

In essence, when a person hears the word church they will immediately associate the word religion to it.