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Hosea in the House of Commons

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

On Wednesday 18th January, we were invited to attend the launch of Open Doors' World Watch List 2023. Since September 2021, our customers have supported us in raising over £1200 for the persecuted church. As a UK Christian Clothing brand, we donate 10% of the profit made on each purchase to support Open Doors,.

The Origins of the our Partnership with Open Doors

When starting this Christian Clothing Brand, we wanted to empower Christians in a world where biblical faith is becoming increasingly scrutinised. Whilst finances with a start up christian clothing brand are tight, we always wanted to donate 10% of our profit to a Christian organisation that was in line with our own mission.

We then stumbled upon Open Doors....

After a phonecall with Emma (pictured above), we felt confident that we had found the right cause to support!

Open Doors support over 360 million Christians who suffer persecution and discrimination. They follow Jesus, no matter the cost. Open Doors support with bringing them resources & hope.

Whilst we have the ability to be bold in our faith through christian clothing, persecuted Christians do not have such luxury with many worshipping Christ underground in countries such as Yemen, Somalia and North Korea.

Since September 2021, we donate 10% of the profit made on each purchase of christian apparel to Open Doors with over £1200 raised. So whether you purchase a christian hoodie or tee, you'll be supporting a persecuted brother or sister of Christ.

Hosea in the House of Commons

Anne and I arrived in Westminster amongst the chaos of protests against the UK government. We then underwent multiple security checks before finding our way to the room with the Open Doors' team & other supporters of the charity.

Anne was given the opportunity to pray over the Open Doors team before they presented before the MPs. I couldn't help but feel emotional & proud. 5 years ago we had set out to empower Christians in their faith in a world where Christianity is becoming increasingly scrutinised. Fast forward 5 years and Anne was praying over research that would have a massive impact on UK government.

The presentation itself was so impactful.

Henrietta, the CEO of Open Doors, presented damning statistics which showed that the persecution of Christians has increased drastically in recent years. Following this, two persecuted Christians who had fled their countries gave insightful, emotional & impactful testimonies which seemed alien to everyone in the room.

We'd like to thank everyone from Open Doors for having us! The day was incredibly moving and further highlighted the issues that the persecuted church is facing.

Please check out Open Doors' World Watch List 2023 & support their amazing cause.

Chris Stroud

Founder | Hosea Clothing

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