h o s e a 

The UK's minimal Christian Clothing Brand

Empowering Christians and Preaching the Gospel through Clothing. 

Glorifying God in everything. 



Hosea Clothing is a UK Christian Clothing Brand with the mission of empowering Christians in their faith and spreading the light of Christ through fashion! 

We live in a world where Christians are becoming increasingly scrutinised for their beliefs. 

Disciples of Christ must remain strong during such scrutiny. 

We wanted to do our part to help empower our fellow Christian in their faith! Whether it be through a Christian tee or a hoodie. So we decided to make minimal and powerful clothing for Christians. Christian Apparel made as a tool for the great commission. 

Our Premium Christian Hoodies make for the perfect clothing to show off your faith.


premium uk christian clothing | the perfect gift for Christians

Season 7 is our first premium range with 100% organic cotton christian hoodies, new structural designs, embroidered logos and longer lasting products...(and much more!)


christian clothing for women and men!

Our Christian clothing store is full of unisex products. So whether you're an Queen Esther or a King David, we'll have something to help embolden you in your faith through fashion!


ethically sourced christian apparel


You can't be a Christian Clothing Brand and not have an ethical supply line.

That's why we ensure that all of our Christian Hoodies, Sweaters and Tees are ethically sourced. We want our clothing for Christians to be filled with integrity. 

Read More about our Ethical Production

Emily wearing our God of Hoodie.jpg

boldness in faith through christian fashion 

We love how bold our customers have been in displaying their faith through fashion. 

Check out this cool photo of Emily wearing our Christian Hoodie whilst immersed in nature. 

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