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 H O S E A 

The UK's Premium Christian Clothing Brand

Preaching the Good News Without Even Opening Your Mouth


empowering christians

christian clothing that empowers the believer in their faith. we donate 10% of the profit made on each purchase of christian clothing to support persecuted christians.


premium christian clothing

our christian apparel is built with the highest quality materials with that long-lasting vintage vibe in mind.


limited edition christian clothing

from season 9 onwards, all of our christian apparel is limited edition with only 125 products made. every product has a label detailing this authenticity. 

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Hosea Clothing is a Christian Clothing UK Brand with the mission of empowering Christians in their faith and spreading the light of Christ through fashion! 

We live in a world where Christians are becoming increasingly scrutinised for their beliefs. 

Disciples of Christ must remain strong during such scrutiny. 


Open Doors Partnership


We’ve teamed up with Open Doors to donate 10% of the profit made on each sale to support persecuted Christians.

From August 1st, 10% of the profit made on each sale will be given to support persecuted Christians.

“340 million Christians around the world are persecuted for following Christ.” Open Doors

Find out more about our new Partnership with Open Doors!

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premium christian clothing uk

UK Christian Clothing that is: 

-Made with 100% Organic Cotton
-Produced ethically with all workers paid a fair living wage. 
-Created for longevity with that vintage vibe in mind. 
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christian hoodies for women and men!

Our Christian Clothing store is full of unisex Christian Apparel. So whether you're an Queen Esther or a King David, we'll have something to help embolden you in your faith through Christian fashion!

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boldness in faith through christian fashion 

We love how bold our customers have been in displaying their faith through fashion. 

Check out this cool photo of our customer wearing our Christian T Shirt. 

Want to feature on our feed? Tag us with the #iwearhosea

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