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Meet Anita!

Hi there! I'm Anita and I am a lover of good books, coffee shops and Jesus. Despite sounding like a middle-aged Facebook mum, I am in fact a 20-year-old university student just trying to navigate my way through life. I’m delighted to be sharing my first post as one of Hosea’s blog writers and my prayer is that as a reader, you can experience the transformative love of Christ, even in the tiniest of ways.

"Who even is she though?", I hear you shouting at your screen, well here's a bit about me: I have been blessed to have been brought up in a Christian household where both my parents are faithful, practising Christians, however, the one fact that always seems to irk many people is that I am from Pakistan. I was born in Lahore and moved to the UK when I was only a few months old, but my culture and heritage has always remained a central part of my life. Coming from a South Asian background, it’s always been rather difficult to find people like me, but I know we’re out there! At around age 15, I joined a youth group at my local church and started attending their events and services, which is when I started to take my faith seriously. I asked the youth pastor to pray for me because I wasn’t sure if I knew God, and ever since then my life has been turned around and I’ve been on a huge faith journey. Don’t get me wrong, it's definitely a journey. There are ups and downs, and sometimes more downs than ups but as a believer, I have faith that Jesus is standing right beside me through it all. At age 20, I’m still learning and growing so much in my faith, but I am a lot more firm in my beliefs and am unafraid and unashamed to proclaim them today. My journey with Hosea goes back to 2019 when I attended my first ever David’s Tent event (a 72-hour long worship festival, yes, 72 hours!), where I stumbled into the merch tent. I instantly fell in love with the clothing Hosea had on display and got to talking with the team at the stand. We chatted about the brand, their story and what they stood for. I walked away with a beautiful T-shirt and they had even convinced me to pre-ordered another! A couple of months later I saw Hosea appear on my Instagram feed and I decided to send a DM to see if they would be willing to take me onto their team in whatever capacity because I simply loved the way they loved and served the Lord through their authentic clothing, and wanted to be a part of the movement. Since then, I’ve been working for the brand and have loved every moment! So, that’s a bit about me, Anita the blog writer! I can’t wait to share the love of Christ with you through my observations, stories, encouragements, and whatever else may appear in this space. Please do get in touch with us if you have a story or testimonial about how Hosea has allowed God to touch you in some way, we’d love to hear from you! Until next time, friends! Keep smiling, be blessed, Anita :) xx

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