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2018 in Focus

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

As the year draws to a close.

I feel like it's the perfect time to take a reflective look back on Hosea's progress over the last year.

And to start envisioning what is to come in the new year...

At the start of the year, we were only 1 month into our new manufacturing process of making the clothes ourselves. In our first ever blog - Our Journey So Far - I went into some detail over the transition stage from Season 1 to Season 2.

When we launched our first range everything was made by an outside company. Although I loved the products, using this company's service in the long run was going to be a huge obstacle to growth.

That means....

That every Hosea Product you receive - has been lovingly made and prepared by the Hosea team.

Psalm 90:17

"May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands."

January -> The New Disciple

So the year started with adding some more unique types of clothing to Season 2.

The Disciple Cap and Turtle Necks.

As you guys are probably aware, we've got tons and tons of disciple designs.

We love the word.

It wholly represents the true identity of Christianity.

Being Disciples for Christ and carrying on what He started during His short time on Earth.

The Design is slightly slanted to the right to fit in with that minimalistic feel that we have at Hosea.

Both products are now on Sale! So if you like the design - don't miss out as there's limited stock.

Shop Now -> Disciple Cap

Shop Now -> Disciple Turtle Neck Men

Shop Now -> Disciple Turtle Neck Woman

March & April -> A New Season. A New Social Media.

Hosea Season 3 released on Friday 6th April.

We also named it the #nomorehiding range.

This was done to empower Christians, as it is quite common for believers to hide in their faith. I actually have a really cool story about this design in another blog -> Inspiration Behind the Design Series - Image of God

Our #nomorehiding design photographed during our shoot in the local arcade.

We had 3 main shoots for this range.

The first of these shoots occurred at a local bowling and arcade centre.

The weather wasn't great out and we needed photos!

I remember thinking I may have to call this off.

But one answered prayer later.

We were granted permission to shoot.

I loved this shoot and I think the photos turned out to look amazing.

During the shoot we received a lot of attention from others.

And at first, it was uncomfortable.

But by remembering our motto:

Born to Spread the Message.

Created to Show the Light.

I understood that this was the goal of Hosea was being achieved.

Whether it was our presence, or our photography, or our designs - we were getting noticed by others. Thus, giving others the opportunity to connect with us.

And ask us what we're all about.

Spreading the Good News in action.

At this shoot we also made the first two videos for our YouTube Channel.

Starting a YouTube for Hosea had been one of my priorities for Hosea.

Whilst it hasn't grown as wildly as our Instagram account -> We have really big plans for the channel.

We're aiming to put out regular content like:


Motivational Christian Videos.

Poems/Spoken Words.



Vlogs (At events, shoots and general days out)

Amongst many more other things...

So if this sounds like your cup of tea -> Subscribe Now!


On the 21st June we released our Summer range.

Again, I was extremely excited about this range as it would be dominated by Tees.

Previous to this season, we only had three t-shirts that had existed in the two previous ranges.

We incorporated some new designs into the range whilst also transferring best sellers onto our tees.

Classics designs like Religion | Relationship and Fear No Evil were now repping on white and black tees.

Clarity in Confusion now had a new look on a white tee.


Last month we released our newest season - The Genesis Range.

We took a decision to name our next ranges after books in the Bible.

So where better to start off - then where it all began.

To the delight of many, we've brought back the Classic Disciple Sweater in White and Black.

The Disciple Zip Neck is also now available in Red.


We've been to three awesome events this year.

We'd like to take this time to thank each of these events for their hospitality.

In August we were at Kingstock's Festival in Bedford. There was a really cool countryside vibe to the festival and it was great to spend the Friday evening and the whole of Saturday at this event.

In September we were at Zoe Nites's gospel concerts in the O2. Again, great music that glorified the goodness of God.

In October, we were invited to be a part of the G12 conference at CityGate church in Ilford.

This was the event where we launched last year.

And it was great to be back.

I had planned to Vlog and document all of these events.

But unfortunately, I had no spare time at all.

However, lessons have been learnt.

And vlogging of events will occur in 2019.

So what else does 2019 bring?

More and more content across all our channels to help and empower Christians.

More God-given designs to win the lost and empower Christians.

The Worship Connect Night to help and empower Christians.

And attending more and more events!

We're certainly excited for 2019.

Are you?

Thanks for reading this blog.

Everyone at Hosea wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stay Blessed and God Bless,

Chris Stroud

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