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Hosea Clothing Worship Connect Night

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

An opportunity to experience a short session of worship, preaching and connection to help others through Christ.

In the new year, Hosea plans to start its free monthly worship connect night.

This night aims to worship, inform and develop relationships between fellow Christians.

I've listed the 5 journalistic w's to explain what it's all about...


I first mentioned the idea of a Hosea Clothing Worship Connect night in the Clarity in Confusion Blog. In fact, most of the reasons for starting this night comes from the same inspiration behind this particular design.

In today's world, depression is thriving. It is truly sad to see the amount of social media posts dedicated to a friend who has taken his own life. Often these posts would include remarks like:

"It was so unexpected. He was always such a happy guy."

It just goes to show, that even the happiest appearing fellow may be dealing with some inner battles.

In addition to this, in this fast paced world it is really difficult to know what career or life to pursue. We're often told to follow the norm in our society - rather than follow what dream or goal God has placed in our heart.

Put simply, it has been set up to help others through personal experience and by talking to them about Christ.

The night will offer the chance to connect with people who have gone through similar struggles. Myself included!

In essence, the night offers you the opportunity to first connect with God through worship.

Learn from others through a very short preaching.

Then finally, connect with others over anything and everything.


A small 15/20 min talk sandwiched between 2 sessions of Worship.

Finished by an opportunity to meet and connect with others.

Food and Drink will be provided!


Open to absolutely anyone and everyone.

Of course, the night will be central to Christianity.

But at this night, you're guaranteed not to feel out of place.

The night is all about inclusiveness.

We want to hear your problems and help you work through them.

Regardless, of whether you're a Christian or not.

Who's behind it?

Me, the Hosea team, some sponsors and yourself!

So each preaching aims to relate to you personally.

I want the word to give value applicable to your life...

And your walk with God.

You will be a massive part of the night.

By connecting with others you are already giving value to them.

The night will also give you the opportunity to mentor or be mentored by a like minded individual.

Moreover, you may even get the chance to speak yourself!

At the time of writing, I am scheduled to do the first talk on connecting with God to follow His intention for your life. I'll be talking about my personal story and how you can learn from my journey with Christ.

But it won't be me every week. I promise. :)

The night aims to allow anyone in our little community to prepare a preaching.

In the last year I've become a massive fan of ted talks.

I think they're now the gold standard for public speaking.

Who knows?

Perhaps, this may be the start of our own little Christian Ted Talk.


As of yet, the exact date has not been decided. (Update: The Worship Night will take place on the 11th May at the Old Street Gallery near Shoreditch)

We're aiming to launch near the start of 2019.

In most likelihood, the night will launch at the end of January/the start of February.


How amazing would it be to have Hosea Clothing Worship Connect nights all around the UK?

That's the goal.

But for the meantime, we'll stick to London.

(Update: The Worship Night will take place on the 11th May at the Old Street Gallery near Shoreditch)

Thanks for reading this blog,

I hope you understand the mission set for this night.

And I hope that you're able to attend!

One of our main goals at Hosea is to empower Christians in their faith through fashion.

However, that empowerment is useless if it is not used to help others.

Until next time,

Stay Blessed and God Bless,

Chris Stroud

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